How to schedule follow-up emails on Android

Boomerang allows you to schedule conditional Send Laters to help automate follow-up emails. Whether you're checking in on a sales lead, or on a project with teammates, Boomerang makes following up easy.

How to schedule follow-up emails

Compose a follow up reply to an email you've previously sent, and tap on Send Later.

Tap on the box next to If No Reply. This will ensure the follow-up email only goes out if the original email does not receive a reply.

Choose a send time for the follow-up email or enter a specific delivery time and tap Schedule.

If the recipient replies

If the recipient replies to the email before your scheduled follow-up time, you'll receive an email letting you know your reply was cancelled (at the time the message was scheduled to send). You will have the option to send, view, or edit the message.

You can also find the email under the Boomerang-Outbox-Cancelled label.

If the recipient doesn't reply

If the recipient does not reply to the email, the message will be sent at the scheduled delivery time automatically, so you won't need to worry about being online or logged in to send that follow-up email! You'll be able to find the email in your Sent folder with the time stamp of when it was delivered.

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